Results of strategic grants

We are pleased to announce that the Active Citizens Fund will support the first projects dealing with systemic change.

The list of supported projects can be downloaded here.

The supported projects will focus on advocacy and watchdog activities, empowerment of vulnerable groups and civic education and media literacy, and will receive support ranging from € 100,000 to € 250,000. Active Citizens Fund grantees will address, for example, the effects of climate change and the manifestations of the climate crisis, migration, asylum and integration policies and legislation, housing shortages, pre-school education, gender equality and senior education.

A total of 53 projects applied for a systemic grant. First, the projects had to pass a formal control that required adhering to the administrative and eligibility criteria. A total of 51 projects fulfilled the criteria and made to the next round, where they were evaluated by external evaluators and then sent to selection committees. We then spent the whole January with the members of the committees, discussing the submitted projects and finally selecting 13 of them, which will work on systemic changes for the next 3-4 years.

Discussions on individual projects were long, interesting and sometimes very difficult, but we are very happy about the selected projects. We would like to congratulate the future grantees and wish them much perseverance in promoting systemic changes. We also thank everyone for participation in this round of calls for proposals on systemic grants. To change the system TAKES COURAGE!

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