The Open Society Fund Prague

We have been distributing grants for more than 25 years. We have always supported organizations with original and innovative approaches and invested in their development. Via our financial support, we have made it easier for the People in Need NGO to launch pilot projects focused on social work in socially excluded communities and to initiate the “One World” international human rights film festival. We have made it possible for organizations such as Transparency International, Ecological Legal Service, currently Frank Bold and Fórum 50% to be established. We have brought new concepts to Czechia – approaches that were unknown due to the totalitarian communist regime, but worked in other countries and helped promote values of open society and democracy. This applies, for example, to the concept of palliative care (successfully developed by the Cesta domů NGO) and open data (in this area, we initiated establishing the Rekonstrukce státu NGO). 


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The Committee of Goodwill – Olga Havel Foundation

The Committee of Goodwill was founded by Olga Havlová, the first wife of the president Václav Havel, at the beginning of 1990 following the tradition of the Committee for the Defense of the Unjustly Persecuted and the Charter 77. Our mission is to help people who, because of their poor health or social status, find it difficult to integrate into society or cannot care for themselves without other people’s assistance.  We support NGOs focusing on healthcare, social, humanitarian and educational activities that enhance dignity and integration of people with disabilities or diseases, uncared-for children and elderly people. With these goals, we defend human rights and social justice. 

Thanks to the Active Citizens Fund, we will be able to increase support for the Committee of Goodwill – Olga Havel Foundation so that it can maximize its impact and make society-wide changes helping numbers of disadvantaged citizens to integrate into society.


Scout Institute

The Scout Institute operates under Junák – Czech Scout organization which has had hundreds of thousands of members. Our mission is to record the history of this inspiring movement, to develop it and promote it.

Besides that, we create space for encounters and personal growth of people of all generations, whether they are scouts or not. This forum filled with scout atmosphere and values attract young organizers and visitors of various events to active citizenship in the public sphere.

Joining the Active Citizens Fund is an excellent opportunity to support more young people, their ideas and projects. Among others, it will make it possible for us to launch an Incubator where we can foster young teams’ ideas and help carry them out.



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