EEA and Norway grants

Via the EEA and Norway grants, the countries of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway contribute to reduction of economic and social disparities in the European Economic Area and strengthening of collaboration of fifteen European states. The beneficiaries are the countries of Central, Eastern and Southern Europe that will receive the total of EUR 2.8 billion in the current programme period (2014–2021).


The EEA and Norway grants support numerous areas besides the development of civil society, for example research and development, revitalization and conservation of cultural heritage, public health and human rights. A great emphasis on sharing and exchange of experience between the donors and the beneficiaries is an important aspect that distinguishes these funds from the EU ones.

The Czech Republic has been a beneficiary of the EEA and Norway grants since 2004 when it joined the European Union and thus also the European Economic Area. In the previous years, hundreds of projects have been funded with more than CZK 6 billion from the EEA and Norway grants in the Czech Republic. 

For the programme period of 2014-2021, the amount of EUR 184.5 million is allocated for the Czech Republic. The main coordinator of the EEA and Norway grants in the Czech Republic is the Ministry of Finance which is in charge of most programmes in partnership with relevant ministries. For improved coordination of shared priorities and strengthened bilateral partnership, Norwegian institutions are helping with programme administration.


Financial Mechanism Office
– Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway’s secretariat for the EEA and Norway Grants

Financial Mechanism Office
Rue Joseph II, 12-16
1000 Brussels, Belgium


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