Fund for Bilateral Relations

The overall objective of the EEA and Norway Grants is to contribute to reducing economic and social disparities in the European Economic Area and to strengthening bilateral cooperation between donor and beneficiary states through financial contributions in specified priority sectors. The Fund for Bilateral Relations was established within the Active Citizens Fund to strengthen bilateral relations between the donor states Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein and the Czech Republic. The Fund serves as a flexible source of financial support for a wide range of initiatives of mutual interest both for Czech entities and for entities from the donor states. The prerequisite for successful grant application is therefore the cooperation between civil society organisations in the Czech Republic and entities in the donor states.


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    support of mutual cooperation

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    experience sharing

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    best practice sharing

At the moment, it is no longer possible to ask for a grant. Supported projects must be completed by 30 April 2024.

Check the database of potential Norwegian partners and other organizations from the countries where the Active Citizens Fund is running. Organizations based in the Czech Republic can register in the database and increase their chances of being approached by potential partners. 

Our partner organizations in the donor countries are the Helsinki Committee in Norway and the Icelandic Human Rights Centre. The Norwegian Helsinki Committee and the Icelandic Human Rights Centre shall facilitate contacts and co-operation initiatives between Czech CSOs and Donor States entities.

Grant amount

1/ The total sum of € 65,000 is available for the bilateral projects in the period from July 2019 to August 2023. The annual allocation is divided as follows:

2019 € 15,000
2020 € 15,000
2021 € 15,000
2022 € 15,000
2023 € 5,000

The minimum grant amount is € 1,000, maximum grant amount for one project application is € 4,000. The Fund covers 100 % of the eligible costs. Project promoters are not required to provide any co-financing for the projects. The recommended duration of the bilateral project is 1 – 9 months.


2/ The remaining part of funding is allocated for study visits, expert visits and networking meetings related to programme topics. Organization of these bilateral activities is guaranteed by the Programme Consortium. Further details will be published here.

Contact person

For more details about the Fund, contact our coordinator:

Jitka Štefková
programme coordinator
226 227 706


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