Our environment and climate change

We are facing climate change connected with the lack of water, landscape devastation, deforestation and extinction of numerous species. There are extreme weather incidents such as long droughts followed by torrential rains or hailstorms. It is time to act – on all levels. Whether locally in our neighbourhood, or globally by abiding by the Paris Agreement on climate protection. Various formal and informal citizens’ activities can prevent backstage deals and private interests which might have a negative impact on the environment on the local and national level. We need a society-wide discussion on climate change and steps taken by all of us leading to improvement of the environment.

In this programme area projects with these outcomes will be supported:

Increasing citizens’ participation

We are a part of what is happening around us. We want to influence the public life and participate in it – and it is our right to do so. We constitute civil society. We are a part of decision-making on how good our lives will be and what kind of conditions we will have. If we disagree with something, it is up to us to transform it. Let us participate actively in the public life. Let us improve relationships in our neighbourhoods. Let us organize community activities and improve public space. Let us participate in decision making and public policies. Let us be active and defend public interests together. Let us share our experience, explain and discuss why citizens’ participation matters and which results it brings. Let us get connected, share and collaborate.

Strengthened Civil Society Advocacy and Watchdog Role

Civil society is facing a crisis of political parties as well as attacks on democratic values. We often witness a minimal interest in citizens ́ needs in political sphere as well as in the governance. It is necessary to defend public interest and show dissatisfaction with non-transparent and untrustworthy governance to the executive branch of the government. It is vital to support watchdog activities and give feedback to the executive power and their governance.

To be able to pursue the watchdog role, it is essential to strengthen monitoring of politicians and public institutions decision-making processes on every level of the governance. Civil society organizations need to proceed together to defend public interest, share good practice and to support effective exercise of human rights. All to be able to contribute to systemic change in Czech society.

Increased Capacity and Sustainability of the Civil Society Sector And Individual CSOs

Insufficient and unsystematic funding of the civic sector prevents Czech non-governmental organization from reaching higher impact of their activities. In such conditions, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to focus on the organization’s growth and sustainability. In this sector, we experience lack of systematic and effective cooperation with our supporters which would help us communicate the importance of our activities and develop a positive attitude towards our role among general public.

To face this issue, we must emphasize our professionalism and necessity of our work for maintaining healthy civil society. Our role is not only to proceed the activities that fulfil original purpose of our organisation but also to confidently defend civil sector as one of the stable pillars of democracy.


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