Consortium Projects

As part of the Active Citizens Fund, we carry out two of our own projects which aim to support the programme’s goals and reinforce its impact.

Meeting and Coming up with New Ideas: Boosting Participation of Youth in Citizens’ Activities

We see young people have very little interest in public affairs. And we want to change it. With the Scout Institute project, we address the youth and try to boost their participation in decision making and activities in public space.

FORUM. We are setting up a network of SCOUT INSTITUTE FORA – not only for scout teams – across the Czech Republic to organize regular events for the public. We educate, explain and discuss why and how young people can be active.

INCUBATOR. A lab of projects and ideas. Young people submit their ideas and they can develop them with the help of professional consulting and explore how to turn them into reality.

Contact person

Ondřej Hrubeš
Head of project office

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Capacity Building and Increasing Organizations’ Skills and Abilities for Civic Society in Advocacy

Democracy cannot do without active civic society and citizens’ participation in decision making. Yet if civic society is expected to fulfil its role appropriately, it requires know-how to defend public interest via advocacy and lobbying.

This includes understanding how public administration and municipalities work, how planning is done and how to communicate with these institutions. There is know-how of defending public interest in the Czech Republic, but many NGOs and active individuals do not have access to it or they do not know how to apply it. In other words, individual participants in civic society have various levels of professional knowledge and skills. The project aims to reinforce civic society, improve citizens’ participation in decision making and thus improved defending of public interest.

Contact person

Štěpán Drahokoupil
Coordinator and advocacy worker of the Education for Children and Young People program

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